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Why Yoga?

Yoga Asana is one of the many tools given to us from the many different yoga traditions. Asana is a tool to ready the mind for meditation and teachings from spirit. The ultimate goal of yoga is freedom. The freedom we are searching for is found when we are able to release our grip on our thoughts and ideas and live from our connection to pure awareness. In addition to practicing yoga it is highly recommended that you read some the the traditional texts, attend satsangs and deepen your understanding of the practice. Yoga as asana alone will eventually lose its magic. You will know when it is time to go deeper. 


Awaken with Yoga


Nicole's yoga offerings are intended to support her students' journey toward their happiest, healthiest & most balanced life. 

Yoga as a Wellness Tool

The asanas are another practice to help the flow of prana or energy in the body. Stretching and holding sacred shapes is one of the greatest tools we have to improve our circulation, love up on our organs and treat our personal temples with respect. In my healing yoga sessions we will asses you current state and work on developing a sequence that will serve your physical, mental and  spiritual wellbeing. My sessions draw form my knowledge and connection to Yoga Philosophy, Hatha Vinyasa Yoga, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine, Intuitive Guidance, Astrology and Reiki. 

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Group Weekly Classes

::Monday 8:00AM::
Shanti Yoga + Meditation
>>>Narayana Yoga Project

::Monday 11:00AM::
Vinyasa Express
>>>Chalk Gyms

::Monday 8:30PM::
Yin Yoga
>>>Daya Yoga Studio

::Thursday 8:00PM::
Reiki Restorative Yoga
>>>Narayana Yoga Project

::Sunday 6:30PM::
Restorative Yoga
>>>Lucent Yoga


Cole's classes and offerings are mindfully balanced, intuitively guided, incredibly grounding and have been called "An hour of Unconditional Love". Teaching and offering mindful practices and services that promote peace, holistic well-being, and personal empowerment is Cole's passion. She is incredibly honored to have the opportunity to offer her practices to the lovely beings that have graced her with their presence and open hearts on and off the mat over the years as a Yoga Instructor and *Healing Practitioner. She hopes her joy and gratitude is felt by all that she works with.


Private Sessions// Therapeutic Yoga

Yoga for Holistic Wellbeing

In these private sessions Nicole will create a yoga sequence and practice that is designed for your needs. Nicole will pull from her knowledge of Yoga Asana, Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Reiki Healing and Yin Restorative Yoga to create a balanced practice that not only feels good in the body but is aimed at creating healing and energetic empowerment of Mind, Body and Spirit. These sessions can be delivered as an exercise class for some, a productive nap for others, a long meditative journey or methodical and precise. Each session again, will be designed based 100% on the clients needs. For long term practice, it is suggested that you start with a 90 minutes session to help create an more thorough assessment and trusting bond. 

60 minutes - $100 | 90 minutes - $125*

Save 15% when you prepay for 5 or more sessions.

The fine print:

*The healing & therapeutic components of Nicole's teaching are based on her status as a Reiki Master and are not derived from her status as an 500HR E-RYT with Yoga Alliance.

*Prepaid sessions expire 3 months after purchase date. *Cost of travel not included in private home sessions. 
*Sessions take place at Root Mamma unless otherwise communicated and agreed upon.
*Cancellation under 24 hours will not be refunded.*



Nicole has helped create balance in my crazy and busy life...

"Practicing one-on-one restorative yoga with Nicole has helped create balance in my crazy and busy life-her intuition into exactly what the body and mind needs and how that can change daily helps create an individualized yoga practice unlike any other I've experienced before. A sense of holistic peace is achieved in the sessions-such a beautiful feeling that sticks around long after the class is over. —  Carin