Love Notes

Love Notes and Testimonials

I have had the privilege of working with Nicole the past few months. Nicole is a true intuitive healer and astoundingly wise beyond her years; I would sincerely recommend her to anyone who feels they are doing all the “right” things to advance themselves in this life but feel stuck or energetically trapped.
In just a few sessions with Nicole, I was able to shift feelings of obsessiveanxiety and a persistent inability to feel grounded. Relocating from Australia to New York, these were two issues I had just accepted would be part of living in another country, which turned out to be an unnecessary assumption. Shifting these blocks with Nicole’s help has already a profoundly positive impact on my relationships and career in New York.
It has been years of feeling like my insides didn’t match my outsides and thanks to Nicole’s help, the two are starting to feel truly reconciled. I have a sense of confidence and ease in moving forward that is completely new for me and I am truly grateful to have found such a truly empathic, knowledgeable and skilled healer such as Nicole.
— Erin, Australia
Working with Nicole has been invaluable in my journey toward my higher self and knowing. Her words always feel to ring true and resonate with me deeply. In her Intuitive Healing sessions she opens the space for talk, sound listening and personal reflections. Her work with me has allowed me to deeper understand my path through life, as well as other areas that need more attention. Nicole is easy to talk to, incredibly warm and wise. I’ve recommended her to several of my own clients and even my partner!
— Lucy, Pennsylvania
Nicole is a patient and knowledgeable teacher. Since she’s so impassioned about reiki, healing and yoga learning from her is easy. When I was notified about the Costa Rica Reiki retreat I immediately wanted to go. Once there she planned and executed the entire experience flawlessly. Nicole is extremely approachable and open with her teaching- two years after taking reiki 1 & 2 from her I will reach out with questions and she always answers. I would recommend taking reiki and/or yoga her- especially the restorative reiki yoga- so relaxing!!
— Jenny, NYC
Meeting Cole and going to Costa Rica was one of the best experiences of my life! I had never met Cole and randomly came across the retreat on line whilst looking for a yoga retreat in Costa Rica, this one looked ideal as it combines Yoga AND Reki! She made me feel so warm and welcome and I knew as soon as I met her that the retreat was meant to be.

The first night we arrived we practiced some beautiful restorative Reki yoga in our stunning wooden meditation hall in the middle of the rain forest,we could hear the rain falling on the beautiful wooden roof of the meditation hall roof along with wonderful angel sounding music, It made me feel so calm and warm. I had only received reki once and feeling coles warm hand on my toes filled me with a beautiful sense of being present, Calm and content with everything is the world.

I’m currently an English girl living in the Cayman Islands. There is nothing like this here. I have thought many times about moving to NY purely for the beautiful community and spirit Cole creates. One of Coles practices was to take your learning away with you, so that you can continue your practice. I had barely ever done any yoga and had never done any Reki before attending-the retreat. I am still practising reiki on myself and do yoga every morning by myself. I love it and Cole allowed me to feel confident in all these areas of practice. Truly one of the best experiences of my life!
— Charlotte, Cayman Islands

"I think that one of Nicole's greatest gifts is that she helps you help yourself..."

My first experience with Nicole and Reiki was an intuitive reiki healing season a few months ago. My reasons for scheduling a Reiki session were twofold: 1) I wanted to test out if “magical” healing is real and 2) I was extremely stressed out and found myself worrying too much. Although I work in healthcare and have a strong evidence education based in science, I was also raised with a strong religious background and was fascinated how Jesus and other spiritual leaders had this miraculous ability to heal. I wondered if it was possible for regular people to heal others in a different way than offered by western healthcare.

Nicole has shown me that there is this whole other approach to healing, Reiki, and it is absolutely real. As part of the intuitive reiki healing session, I first spoke to Nicole about myself and what I needed help with. She gave me the best advice, which I have followed, and it has helped me lower my stress levels tremendously.

During the reiki session, I felt a great sense of peace and would feel physical sensations that proved to me that something was happening. The most fascinating part of this one Reiki session was not only the positive effects it had on my life, in the weeks to follow, but also how it seemed to also help a few people I love dearly. I was surprised how much just one session helped me with my problems.

I think that one of Nicole’s greatest gifts is that she helps you help yourself, in part by helping remove whatever blocks having you feeling stuck with Reiki and by also giving you beautiful simple advice. I have also taken Nicole’s Reiki 1, Reiki 2, and her restorative Reiki yoga classes. She is as amazing of a teacher as she is a healer. I wholeheartedly recommend Nicole and find her light to be this great gift that sparks and brightens the light in others.
— Cynthia, NYC
I was drawn to take Cole’s Reiki 1 training in fall of 2016 as a way to help through a difficult time. The self-healing powers of Reiki that I learned changed my life, beginning with giving me a tool to manage my chronic knee pain. I have since completed Reiki 2, been on Cole’s retreat to Costa Rica, and regularly attend the Reiki shares she organizes at Root Mamma. Cole is a highly intuitive healer, a caring and wise teacher, and a dear friend. Through what she has taught me I’ve refocused my life towards a desire to heal others and have deepened my own self-healing process.
— Zack, NYC

I took a class with Nicole the morning of my best friend’s wedding and I have to say it was one of the best classes I have ever been a part of. Nicole explained how to perform each move and even went as far to explained the meaning of each move so that we would have more of a spiritual experience. It was the perfect way to start such an important day. If I lived in New York, I would start more of my days like that.
— Jaclyn, New Jersey
I’m a working actor in TV, film and theater, and the stress of my career is its principal challenge, which I’m always seeking new ways to overcome. Nicole is spiritual, nurturing, patient, and healing to her core, and she has a profound understanding of her craft and her life’s purpose. In her lessons as a student, and in her company as a friend, I find humility and calm. I could not more highly recommend her guidance in yoga practice.
— Kahan, New York
Practicing one-on-one restorative yoga with Nicole has helped create balance in my crazy and busy life-her intuition into exactly what the body and mind needs and how that can change daily helps create an individualized yoga practice unlike any other I’ve experienced before. A sense of holistic peace is achieved in the sessions-such a beautiful feeling that sticks around long after the class is over.
— Carin, Pennsylvania