Calm, Align, Focus...

Mediation for Mental Clarity & Physical Relaxation 

Nicole offers various accessible meditation methods both privately and in a class setting.

Mantra Meditation

In this practice you will learn the meaning of a new mantra, practice saying it out-loud  and then take the mantra inward to help calm and focus the mind. 

Guided Meditation

In this practice Nicole will guide you on a themed journey. This will allow you to calm your mind and body and also awaken your intuitive/imagination center. This practice gives you a much needed break from habitual thought patterns. This is a great practice for manifestation!

Silent Meditation

This practice is more free style and the main aim of facilitating such events/sessions is to allow in the energetic support of others in your personal meditation practice. Meditating with others is a great practice to aid in accountability and studies show that group meditation powerfully impacts the surrounding community!

Breath Meditation 

In this practice Nicole will guide your mind to focus on the breath. As the mind drifts you will be guided back to the breath. This is an incredible practice that helps bring the mind and body more into harmony. 

Check out Nicole's upcoming events page to see if there are any Mediation Events coming up and visit her weekly schedule to join her in one of her weekly offerings!