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New Moon Goddess Circle // The Aries Spark (Philly)

"When women come together in safe circle, our ancestors, from all across the globe, dance in celebration..."

Gather with local goddesses to share and nourish your feminine soul in this co-creative monthly event.

Join Nicole Lynne Hooley & Friends on Friday April 5th from 7-9PM to celebrate the New Moon in Aries in Philadelphia!


These New Moon Circle's include:

-Group Oracle Blessings
-Guided Reiki Meditation
-Time to optionally share your personal insights & wisdom
-An Intuitive Ritual for Positive Self Accountability
-Co-creation with Women

Feel free to dress comfortably and honor the energy of the new Moon! Bring anything you would like to charge on our altar or offer to the group!

Everyone who identifies as a woman is welcome.

Exchange // $20

DISCLAIMER: Why just women? Women's new moon goddess circles date back thousands of years. These circles are meant to awaken and empower women to tap into their energetic birthright and connection to nature. Most importantly though, these circles are designed to heal ancestral, physical and emotional trauma and many women with trauma, especially that of a sexual/objective nature, are unable to truly relax unless they are only in the company of women. These circles aim to heal this paradigm so that women are able to stand in their power and share their gifts with men, women and no-binary members of our community in a more authentic way. Please understand that this is not meant to leave anyone out, but instead that by healing this very real paradigm we are more likely to heal our relationships with each other, raise better babies, and even heal the earth. YOU, no matter how you identify, benefit from the ripples of this work. Thank you kindly for your understanding and positive support!

Exchange // $20 Suggested