It all started back in 2006. I was on the wrong path. Failing out of college, hanging out with all the wrong people, looking for love and happiness in all the wrong places. Then, a series of events including a near death/outer body experience would alter my perception of reality forever... From there I would begin a new path. One that was enchanted and guided by spirit, synchronicity, and intuitive knowing. Twelve years later, I am ready to embrace this intuititve path more completely than ever. Thank you for joining me for the ride!

Root Meditation: My #HippieHack to Survive City Living

To be honest, I don’t think I would be able to survive city living without my daily and weekly practices. Acknowledging my deep love and appreciation for the many blessings we receive through the nourishment of our home, Mother Earth, is essential for my sanity.

Below I have shared one of my favorite practices. I call it “Root Meditation”, but you can call it whatever you want! My hope is that you get a hint of the deep nourishment I receive from this practice!

As a nature loving, highly sensitive empath, living in New York is hella hard on my system. Having this practice truly has helped me so much over the last decade. If you live in the Williamsburg area you may have even caught me in the act of meditating or relaxing under my favorite tree. I don’t do this for attention, I do this because I genuinely receive so much nourishment from it!

Who is the “Root Meditation” for?

Those who are feeling a bit lost, like they don’t belong, or having trouble being held by this world either financially or tribally, will benefit most from taking some time to practice this very simple yet deeply healing practices.

How to do it

  1. Connect with a local tree. It doesn’t matter if it is in a city park or your backyard in the country, just take a moment to truly connect with the energy of that tree. Tip: Thicker, older trees with raised roots will likely be best.

  2. Take off your shoes and stand on its roots!

  3. Sit and lean back onto its trunk.

  4. Breathe there and observe the sensation of leaning back and being held.

  5. Acknowledge its deep connection to the earth and beautiful journey toward the sky.

  6. Imagine it’s roots intertwining with those of others under the earth.

  7. Feel into its strength and vulnerability.

  8. Appreciate the texture of its bark.

  9. Meditate for 5-20 minutes, while seated and leaning back for support. Tip: try using the mantra, “Lam-Lam” in your mind’s voice to help focus during this time.

After your meditation is over, just look around, feel into your body... and begin to go about the rest your day! 

With love & light,