It all started back in 2006. I was on the wrong path. Failing out of college, hanging out with all the wrong people, looking for love and happiness in all the wrong places. Then, a series of events including a near death/outer body experience would alter my perception of reality forever... From there I would begin a new path. One that was enchanted and guided by spirit, synchronicity, and intuitive knowing. Twelve years later, I am ready to embrace this intuititve path more completely than ever. Thank you for joining me for the ride!

Subtle Evolution Through Reiki

Reiki is a healing expressway to profound shifts on our path to self actualization. By waking up our awareness to subtle energy we are able to start navigating our true response to cause and effect and start to clearly define what does and does not serve our highest good. This can be a tricky dance with the universe where most of the messaging is through coincidence and synchronicity.  

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Meditative Guidance: Why this Website Exists

Last night during my evening meditation practice I had a profound experience. It was as if the spirit of joy and happiness was passing through me. I found myself having a hard time keeping myself from giggling. I had a smile from ear to ear and felt a surge of the most charming sensation throughout my being. In my head over and over again I found myself repeated  (without intention) "Living Intuitively". 

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